Our Restaurant “L’avenue” and Coffee lounge “Atlantic Café”

Rabat is the Mecca of Moroccan cuisine. If every city in Morocco can rightly be proud of its cuisine, Rabat is the most refined culinary point of view. Who moved to number in the Medina after the reconquest of Spain in the fifteenth century, the Andalusian brought with them their recipes. Thus we can now enjoy tasty dishes inherited from the Arab-Andalusian tradition, dominated by the combination of sweet and salty. The pigeon pastilla, succulent meat mixture and almonds coated in a thin and crispy dough flavored with cinnamon and sprinkled with icing sugar is one of the most famous dishes. But you will discover many other on site, carrot salad with orange, tomato confit “haloua” etc. At L’Avenue you have the opportunity to discover the flavors of a typical R’batie fine cuisine, carefully prepared by our chef; A passion whose secrets are transmitted from generation to generation. In the restaurant L’Avenue, you can also enjoy fine international cuisine French, Italian and Spanish.


Included in all stays, breakfasts are hearty with a choice of breads, jams, eggs, yogurt, fruit juice, pancakes, dates and local pastries.

Lunch & Dinner Menu

The gourmet menu consists of an appetizer with soup (harira, vegetables …), a selection of different inputs (fresh salad and / or cooked, pastilla …), a hearty hot meal and refined (tajine choice, couscous …), a homemade dessert, tea or coffee and a bottle of mineral water.